Sauce labs let you allow to test on cloud, it provides you VMs and after each test run VMs are destroyed. You can view the live video of your test run, you can see where your test case is getting fail. Its really awesome what you need to do just get the subscription

Check how you can write a batch file to run java class/ jar file without using any third party utility for making your class file/jar file executable, make an executable file for running class/jar files.

Company:IntelliGrape Website:  Eligibility: MCA/ B.TechSkills: Good to have following: Experience in Java Frameworks like Spring/Hibernate/Struts etc. Sound knowledge of Java Scipt. Experience in Linux Previously involved in a client […]

Reason Of eliminating Multiple Inheritance in Java : Deadly Diamond Of Death

JAVA is a programming language and environment that was designed to solve a number of problems in modern programming practice. It started as a part of a larger project to […]