Interesting shortcuts for NETBEANS IDE

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I found some interesting shortcuts in NetBeans which I never noticed. I found them interesting  I think you might find interesting too.
1. Type “bcom” (without the quotes ,same as all the rest below),then press tab to create the start of new set of comments in your code:   /**/
2.Type “fcom”, then press tab. You will have this new code:
          //<editor-fold defaultstate=”collapsed” desc=”comment”>
3.Type “sw” then press tab,it will give this following code:
          switch (var) {
            case val:
                throw new AssertionError();

4.”im”  expand to implements and “ex” expand to extends
5.”sy” expand to Synchronized.
6.”soutv”  displays System.out.println(“exp = ” + exp);
7.”psfi” expands to private static final int
8.”psvm” gives following code:
                public static void main(String[] args) {
9.”tds” gives following code:
10.”ifelse” expnad to following code:
           if (exp) {
        } else {
11. Alt + Shift + O – to open the file.
12. To copy the same text in blow line or above line – Keep the cursor on the text and press ctrl + shift +arrow key (up and down).
13. To format the code – Press Alt + Shift +F

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