Insertion into multiple tables using stored procedure

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If you want to insert data into multiple tables at once, then you can do it by calling stored procedure by CallabaleStatement.Follow these steps:

Step 1: Create two table Comapny and Address.

CREATE TABLE company(company_id INT  PRIMARY KEY,
company_name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,company_type VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL);

CREATE TABLE address(company_id INT ,city VARCHAR(20),state VARCHAR(20),country VARCHAR(20),FOREIGN KEY(company_id) REFERENCES company(company_id) );

Step 2: Create stored procedure to insert into two tables:

CREATE  PROCEDURE insertion(IN company_id INT,company_name VARCHAR(50),company_type VARCHAR(20),city VARCHAR(20),state VARCHAR(20),country VARCHAR(20))
INSERT INTO company VALUES(company_id,company_name,company_type);
INSERT INTO address VALUES(company_id,city,state,country);
END //

Step 3: Now write the java program to insert into multiple tables (here two tables) by using CallableStatement.Here is the file

import java.sql.*;
pubic class Callable
           public static void main(String jtoc[]) throws Exception
                   //Loading Driver
                   //Establishing Connection
                   Connection con=DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:odbc:DSNNAME”);
                   //Get CallableStatement
                    CallableStatement cs=con.prepareCall(“{call insertion(?,?,?,?,?,?)}”);
                   //Set IN parameters
                  System.out.println(“Yipeee!! details submitted in multiple tables”);

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