My First Open Source Contribution in WordPress

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WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” is released, it’s named in honor of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown,and guess what, I am in contributor’s list 😀 .It’s my first open source contribution.
I have some kind of bonding with Open Source.Everything around me belongs to Open Source. I make WordPress things better using Open Source Tools Selenium and Java and both are also open source.
I have started my Blogging journey with Blogger, day by day I got involved in WordPress.

My WordPress journey started in April 2014 with rtCamp and here I have learned a lot about WordPress.
Some reasons I have chosen to contribute to WP Community:

  • I always look for a way to Improve things 🙂 , so do testing of WP
  • I thought to give back something to such a nice and huge Open Source project

I have gone through , there are so many projects to contribute. I choose first one Core and read up its handbook to become contributor
I have reported many issues in WordPress core. Below is the list:

By Being a part of WordPress community, I am feeling very lucky.

Thanks to WordPress 🙂

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